Lucian Munteanu

Lucian Munteanu

1. How´s eRepublik Company Culture?
It gives you a lot of space to move, to do stuff, to have initiative. Not only you can do that, but you'd better to. We're pretty engaged with the product we develop, so if you come in the team you'd better bring something valuable to this product.

2. What has been the most valuable knowledge/ experience you have gained during your time at eRepublik?
Without knowing anything about software localization I joined a game that was not prepared to be localized. One year later we had over 20 languages. Doing that was quite instructive.

3. What has been the greatest experience you have had so far at eRepublik?
Meeting with our players, especially at the annual "eRepublik International Meetings". It's great to see a game that you worked on successfully published on its platform and it's great to see it appreciated by players. That's something many game companies can talk about. But it's just a totally different thing to see how a game converts into raw feelings, emotion, friendship. eRepublik really does that and I think that being able to experience it is just on a different scale of "great".

4. What do you enjoy the most working for eRepublik?
I'll just say one thing: the sandwiches. We get sandwiches hand made by Mr. Marian every morning right in the office. Don't google "Mr. Marian", you won't find anything, it's the safest kept secret.