Petteri Vottonen

Petteri Vottonen

1. Why did you decide to do your internship at eRepublik?

I always wanted to go abroad for an exchange program but never really came up with the country I'd like to go to.

Work practice is an obligatory part of my studies in HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Finland. I came up with the idea of doing the work practice abroad to gain some valuable international work experience. When thinking about countries and companies I could apply to, eRepublik Labs was one of the first ones popping to my mind. I had visited Romania a year before and met many of the employees. I had played eRepublik for many years and already had work experience in the field of gaming.

 2. Tell us about, how your initial internship, turned into a full time position.

After the work practice period ended, I had to decide whether I would stay in Romania or not. Since I liked it here, and I liked working for eRepublik Labs, I wanted to see if the company would have some new challenges to offer. It turned out that our interests met, and I stayed as a full time employee.

3. What has been the most valuable knowledge/ experience you have gained during your time at eRepublik?

The most valuable thing I've gained is international work experience. The culture here is very different from Finnish one, and experiences here have really opened my eyes in many ways.

4. What do you enjoy the most working at eRepublik?

My colleagues. The work environment in the Bucharest office is great, and everyone have been very supportive and friendly towards me.