Aitor  Santos Herranz

Aitor Santos Herranz

1. Why did you decide to do your internship at eRepublik?
Since the very first meeting it was clear that an internship at eRepublik offered me the opportunity to work on a highly productive team while learning the craft of making the type of games that I like most: strategy games that put the players in control.

2. What has your experience as an intern been like so far?
Everyone has been amazingly supporting and kind, helping me understand all the nuances of the work philosophy at eRepublik and making me feel part of the team. In some internships you can find yourself with not much to do, but here since day one everybody has encouraged me to contribute and have an active role in the work process.

3. How would you describe eRepublik´s culture?
I would say that eRepublik's culture is centered around the passion for crafting game worlds for strategy players, and it does this by facilitating a working environment where everybody is committed to what they are doing.

4. Why anyone should work at eRepublik?
If you're interested in crafting strategy game worlds for players, and you're ready to work in a demanding but exciting work environment, chances are there's not a better place to be than at eRepublik.