eRepublik celebrates 6th anniversay

eRepublik celebrates 6th anniversay
We are proud to celebrate 6 years since the release of

This means that our New World grew yet another year older, making it one of the most long-standing online games out there today.

For the game, it's been six years of intense simulation of the real world: political battles, power struggles and world scale open conflict. Hundreds of pages are already written on our wiki about the history of the New World, and hundreds more are waiting to be written. For the team, it's been six years of learning and growing, yet we kept the startup spirit that lets us to enthusiastically innovate and challenge the rules.

To mark this event we prepared a full anniversary week where the players could deal massive damage in battles and earn attractive rewards. But this would be nothing without context, and in the New World most of the context is generated by the wars and the alliances between countries. So we offered further incentives for players to support their countries and achieve their national goals. On the anniversary day, the biggest countries became empires, while the small countries got the chance to free themselves from the empires that conquered them.

Finally, the 6th anniversary was about celebrating and enriching the players' experience. We reckon it's something worth striving for each day of every year, anniversary or not. And to keep that in mind, we shot a small video of how we achieved this last week.



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