Partnership Program @ Erepublik Labs

Our partnership program is a life changing experience.

Working collaboratively with major Universities in Romania, we have signed scholarship agreements with Universities that offer a Master in Video Games Development. These universities provide students from all around the World, the possibility to learn all the concepts and techniques about video games development.

With a unique partnerhisp model, many students from different highly ranked and respected universities, have done internships within our Studios and in some cases, have become full time employees of eRepublik.

We encourage students from all kinds of disciplines or technical backgrounds to apply to our internships. We are after people with a true passion for crafting game worlds.


We are game crafters, we craft game worlds for true strategy gamers.

We are a talented, enthusiastic and dynamic team.

We encourage an open communication and transparency as part of our values and culture, whilst fostering an environment of collaboration, high performance and mutual respect.

We are agile. It is fun to work in a committed team that is self-organised.

We develop in house.

Our community is key to our success. We have a strong community and we constantly deliver games as a service. We focus on the user and everything else will follow.

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