Tactical Heroes Trailer Released

Tactical Heroes Trailer Released
After months of development, we are very proud to announce that we are about to launch our new game, Tactical Heroes. Initially the game will be available in New Zealand with a worldwide roll-out scheduled later.

Our first game, eRepublik.com, is still going strong after six years and more than 5 million players, we are looking forward to crafting a new epic game world around Tactical Heroes.

Tactical Heroes was forged from the same mould as classic PC games but crafted for a new generation of tablet gamers. It is our intention to redefine what gamers should expect from their tablets, with a fresh, high-quality approach to turn-based strategy games.

With Tactical Heroes you will take full tactical control of your squad in thrilling battles! Tactical Heroes delivers a new game experience, where you fight a futuristic epic war against the evil M-Corp as well as other commanders on the alien planet of Eden.

Develop your base, plan your defences and configure your squad of heroes as you level-up rookie troops into Snipers, Assault Troopers and Engineers.

Tactical Heroes gives strategy fans the opportunity to command their squad in a test of tactical skills by attacking enemy bases full of devious traps and ambushes, raiding containers of precious resources, destroying gun turrets and demolishing the enemy headquarters.

Main Features

  • Strategic combat in stunning 3D against other players worldwide.
  • Multi-player challenges without waiting for your opponent.
  • Level-up your heroes as they earn experience in combat.
  • Build your base and design the perfect defence.
  • Free to Play convenience.

You can find the first trailer of the game, "Tactical Heroes - Take Full Tactical Control Now" on our Youtube channel. Check it out and be sure to like and share it among your friends.


Stay tuned for the latest news on Tactical Heroes by registering now on the Tactical Heroes website.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the harsh surface of Eden.

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Please note: Tactical Heroes requires an iPad (second generation or later) and a network connection

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