Daniel Arriero

Daniel Arriero

1. How would you describe eRepublik´s culture?
We are a team! In unity we find our strength, and through it we know we can achieve anything we want. Nobody is left behind here. Whenever you feel down or have a problem, you can look at any mate's eyes and find a willing helping hand there.

2. Why anyone should work at eRepublik?
It's people, it's all about people here! I can't think of many companies in the world which will show this high level of respect, courtesy and attention to detail with their employees!

3. What has been the greatest experience you have had so far at eRepublik?
Feeling I'm a part of a marvelous experience. When we gathered together with the people working in the Bucharest office, I could feel I belong to a wonderful family. As individuals we are all important; but as a whole we are invincible.

4. What has been the most valuable knowledge/ experience you have gained during your time at eRepublik?
I have been given the opportunity of learning new technologies here, and now I am a more valuable and versatile worker. They gave me the time I needed to learn because they trust their employees, and train us because they want to have the best possible team.